Fluidesign manufactures Elite racing shells with state of the art design and construction. The meticulous carbon engineering delivers a durable, stiff, and fast experience with each row. Fluidesign’s exclusive clear finishes highlight the beauty of carbon while reducing maintenance to maximize performance. Customize your FluidElite or FluidMax single for the perfect fit, look, and experience.


Due to demand for the world’s finest rowing shells, Fluidesign are now excited to announce we are back in the UK & Europe. On the 25th September we welcome Gavin Kerr who will be the UK & European Sales agent.

Based in the Thames Valley, Gavin will lead the European Fluidesign Sales & Customer Success team. Gavin has a career in managing the Sales & high touch customer experience process for global corporations. Coupled with his passion for Rowing & Coaching he will be joined by Peter Haining MBE three times World Lightweight Sculling Champion, who needs no introduction to the Rowing Community.

To support us in our return, Jack Clark will provide our UK-based boat maintenance and repair services. Jack has long-standing experience in boat repairs and currently runs his own repairs company in Putney, London whilst also holding the position of Boatman at Thames Rowing Club.

Fluidesign Uk and Europe aim to offer the outstanding customer experience to match the shells from Fluidesign Canada.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current boat or custom design the shell of your dreams, Gavin will be available to discuss your requirements and provide demo and purchasing options to take your rowing to the next level. www.rowfluidesign.com

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