FluidMax Single

This world-class competitive scull is constructed with 100% high modulus carbon and accented by the exclusive blue rigger. The FluidMax is the lightest, stiffest, and winningest scull on the market.

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Bow Mounted Rigger

The rigger is mounted closer to the longitudinal center of the boat providing better balance, eliminating pin torque, and allowing for an unmatched range of heights. One wrench is all you need and the boat can be rigged in under a minute.


Fluidesign hulls are uncommonly durable as no core is incorporated in the hull. This structure minimizes impact damage to the skin.

Hull Shape

Fluidesign engineering incorporates industry leading longitudinal stiffness and a decreased drag that will get you across the finish line faster.


All high modulus carbon that increases the stiffness and reduces the weight from an Elite model by .75 lbs.



New modular aluminum bow mounted rigger anodized blue.

Seats and rails

Carbon Seat with anodized aluminum rails.


Carbon Footstop.


Project B Shoes.


All stainless steel with anodized blue rigger rails.


Oarlock height and span, foot stop, rigger, rails, shoes.


Ultra Lightweight Lightweight Super Lightweight Midweight Intermediate Heavyweight Super Heavyweight
Rower Weight Up to 54kg 54-64kg 64-72kg 72-82kg 82-91kg  91-100kg 100kg and up
Boat Length 22′ 2″ 24′ 10″ 25′ 5″ 26′ 26′ 8″ 27′ 4″ 28′
Boat Width 11″ 11″ 11″ 11″ 11″ 11 1/4″ 11 1/4″

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