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“I chose to purchase a Fluidesign 1x because I saw it as the perfect combination of a training and racing boat. The flexible hull has a high tolerance for impact with debris and gives a great sense of movement through the water. In races I like the way the bow elevates out of the water at the catch. The pickup at the front end feels light and connection is easy to maintain through the finish. Fluidesign has always been quick to respond to any questions I have had and the tinted carbon boats look great.”

Mike Knippen
2019 USA single trials winner , USA men’s quad

“I love my fluid, it’s got great pick up, is reliable in messy water, and incredibly durable. I can rig it up in seconds and get right out on the water”

Emily Schmieg
USA 2019 Lightweight women’s single

“Investing in a Fluidesign was the best decision and I couldn’t be happier. The shell is fast and lightweight, and the bow wing rigger is really easy to get off and on. I absolutely love it, and can’t imagine rowing in anything else.”

Allison Mueller
Iowa Hawkeye, Master Rower

“What I like most about my Fluid is the comfort and stability that I get from the hull design. That translates into efficiency and speed! ?? ? ?‍ ♀️ ??”

Jim Dietz
USA Olympic Sculler 72, 76

“My Fluidesign has always kept me at the top of my abilities and never held me back from the early years of learning how to scull, all the way through my most productive and accomplished years of racing. It’s consistently responsive, agile and bulletproof through 12 years and counting”

Andrew Hashway
Course Record holder for the Masters men single Head of the Charles , USA National Team

“In 2017 I had the great opportunity to race at Charles in a fuidesign single – my first time in a fluidesign single, it was so easy to get familiar with. I had that “wauh feeling” and it was love at first sight.
I’m looking forward to be back.

Coming all the way from Denmark it’s so easy to jump into the fluidesign boat.
With the great support from the Fluidesign team it feels like home and I can put all my focus into the racing, that’s fantastic.

The boats are quick, smooth and responds very good, such a pleasure to row fluidesign.
And they looks very fast – I think that scares the opponents and it gives me the felling “we can do it!”

Juliane Elander Rasmussen
Danish Olympic Sculler , Head of the Charles winner 2017

“My Fluid single provides the shell to train and race at an international level. As the first boat I sculled in out of college I feel at home in their boats. Fluid’s staff and service are always a joy to work with. They provide an ease of use that is unrivaled.”

Erik Frid
USA MENS Quad and 2x

“After my used fiberglass boat was discovered to have a disintegrating core, I researched boat materials and chose Fluidesign for its all carbon construction. In addition I beach launch, and research indicated the carbon boat would stand up to this better than fiberglass. The clearcoat finish with purple tinting causes casual passersby to comment on my beautiful boat. All that combined with the sleek speed through the water and I couldn’t ask for a better boat.”

CeCe Aguda
Masters NW Medalist

“Every aspect of my experience with Fluidesign has been great. Sean (Wolf) got me into the exact boat I needed at an unbeatable price. Sean and Fluidesign took less than six weeks from the day I ordered the boat to the day I took it off the trailer that delivered it directly to me — in the middle of the busy head-racing season — all ready to get on the water immediately with minimal tweaking to the rigging. The boat is excellent, and I’m looking forward to getting one for my son when he’s ready.”

Joseph Brennan

Customer Service

Starting with Sean Wolf, whose personal touch is felt even 3,000 miles away, all the amazing staff at Fluidesign have made us feel like our business is of the utmost importance to them.  Whether it’s meeting us with new boats fresh off the factory line at the Head of the Charles or US Trials, they’ve always come through in the clutch, meeting our exceedingly high standards on what other manufacturers might call impossible timelines.


As a business, we believe change in the form of innovation is essential for the growth of our sport.  Partnering with businesses like Fluidesign who embrace new ideas allows us to invest not only in our equipment, but in the future of our sport.

Systematic Skill Development

Having access to an entire Fluidesign Fleet allows our athlete to move seamlessly through boat classes and, consequently, the skill development process.  Whether, it’s one of our 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x or 4-‘s, our athletes are always in a comfortable environment with a personalized rig to accommodate their their  best stroke.


We row Fluidesign’s because I believe they give our athletes the best opportunity to win.  Period.


I’ve been watching boats run out for over twenty years, and there’s nothing I’d rather watch cut glass than a Fluidesign.  Pure beauty in motion.

Matt Zatorski
Founder & CEO, Long Term Rower Development
Head Coach, Seattle Scullers

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