Coxed Four 4+ /   Coxed Quad 4X+

Fluidesign boats are built with an all carbon fiber construction and exclusive clear finish delivering a fast, stiff performance for elite and entry level rowers alike. Fluidesign Coxed Quad / Coxed Four  hulls are available in either Elite or Fluidmax models.


This world-class competitive hull is constructed with 100% high modulus carbon fiber and accented by The Fluid bow mount aluminium riggers. The Fluid Max is designed to maximize your performance and comfort in the lightest and stiffest hull on the market.

Learn more: FluidMax  Coxed Four 4+ / Coxed Quad 4X+


Fluidesign’s original and most popular model has consistently delivered exceptional results through engineered performance. The minimal weight and striking presence of the FluidElite will make for legendary finishes.

Learn more: Fluid Elite Coxed Four 4+ / Coxed Quad 4X+


Lightweight Midweight Heavyweight
Rower Weight Up to 68kg 65-86kg  Coming Soon
Boat Length 40’4″ 41’10”



Our stiffest and lightest Coxed Four.  Gap free carbon fiber with a closure factor of 99.9%. The combination of a gap-free fabric and reduced crimp lowers the porosity and reduces resin-rich areas in the cured laminate, having a very positive influence on mechanical performance including shear and compression strength.  Carbon Riggers can be provided for the Coxed Quad, transferring your power into forward momentum getting you to the finish line first.

FAW – Fiber Areal Weight – Carbon Fiber Uniformity


The same great hull design as the FluidMax –  with aluminum riggers and 2v2 12k carbon fiber, providing a high performance racing shell at a more ecnomical price.

Each and every Fluidesign hull has been painstakingly built by a select group of  artisans to the highest possible standards in our own production facilitiy. We also source specialist components from a network of dedicated suppliers and partners.

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