FluidMax   Double / Pair

FluidMax Double/Pair

This world-class competitive hull is constructed with 100% high modulus carbon and accented by the exclusive blue rigger. The FluidMax is the lightest, stiffest, and winningest hull on the market.

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Fluid Elite Double/Pair

Boat Construction

Carbon Bow Mounted Rigger

The Fluid Carbon Rigger is unmatched in its stiffness through the use of high modulus and high strength carbon. With a wide range of adjustability of span and height while continuing to incorporate the fluidesign rigger rail system. Not only being the most beautiful rigger on the market it is also the lightest. With a variety of customized tints the carbon rigger is made to measure and designed by you. The rigger is mounted closer to the longitudinal center of the boat providing better balance, eliminating pin torque, and allowing for an unmatched range of heights. One wrench is all you need and the boat can be rigged in under a minute.

Consolidated Cockpit

By lowering the seat deck by 5 inches we’ve made the cockpit easier to access and allowed more clearance for the calves. This provided the space to engineer a molded insert for a water bottle. These improvements along with an adjustable foot stretcher on tracks create the most comfortable rowing experience imaginable. All high modulus carbon that increases the stiffness and reduces the weight from an Elite model by .75 lbs.

Hull Shape & Sizes

Fluidesign engineering incorporates industry leading longitudinal stiffness and durability through the usage of high modulus carbon and no core. The rigger is mounted closer to the longitudinal center of the boat providing better balance, while decreasing the drag to get you across the finish line faster.

Hull Sizes

Lightweight Midweight Heavyweight
Rower Weight Up to 64kg 64-82kg 82kg and up
Boat Length 30′ 31’11” 33’2″
Boat Width 11 1/2″ 11 1/2″ 13

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    Carbon Riggers

    Seats and rails

    Carbon Footstop

    Bont BR2 Shoes

    Stainless Steel Hardware

    Custom possibilities are limitless, call or email to discuss
    how we can build your dream boat.

    Each and every Fluidesign hull has been painstakingly built by a select group of  artisans to the highest possible standards in our own production facilitiy. We also source specialist components from a network of dedicated suppliers and partners.

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