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Fluidesign manufactures Elite and Club racing shells in London, Ontario, Canada. We are an official supplier to the Canadian National Rowing Team. The current world record time (6:47.82) for the Lightweight Men's single was accomplished by Zac Purchase in a Fluidesign Elite Single on August 26th, 2006.

Fluidesign shells have been winning races every weekend since their introduction in early 2000 - including the World Rowing Championships, Canadian Speed Order Regatta, U.S. Speed Order Regatta, Head of the Charles Regatta, World Masters Championships, Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, Canadian Schoolboys Championships (CSSRA), Canadian University Rowing Championships (CURC) and more.


Fluidesign introduces the FluidFirst line of racing shells, available in singles, doubles (pairs), and quads (straight fours). We haven't found a place for coxswains yet, but we have perfected a line of budget conscious racing shells suited for individual, club, junior or college programs.

The FluidFirst line combines the winning attributes of our Elite models; utilizing the same shape, the same design and the same fluid dynamics, but takes advantage of less costly paint only fiber materials and the inherent production efficiences gained in our manufacturing facility.

Longitudinal stiffness remains the same; our bow mounted sculling configuration remains the same; our lifetime warranty remains the same. The only thing that has changed is the prices... they're lower! We are passing our savings on to our customers.

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